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The University of North Carolina Wilmington

The University of North Carolina Wilmington, or UNCW, is home to about 17,000 students. With a focus on our beautiful coasts, state parks, and gorgeous beaches, our natural resources are more important than ever to preserve. Meet the dedicated students that are working around the clock to hold their university responsible by divest their funds from fossil fuels.

Christian Jones

“I got into sustainability my sophomore year of college. The reason so was because I wanted to make a difference in how we treat the environment so I decided to join the local ECO club. It was from that point on where I began to join many environmental organizations, providing community service to people of Wilmington. But I felt as though I could do more. So, I began to do research into divestment. And immediately, I just knew that this was an important topic to tackle. A university cannot state that it is working toward a sustainable future while simultaneously have investments in the fossil fuel industry. If our goal is to preserve the planet not just this generation but for future generations, then we have to divest our money from dirty energy as soon as possible.”

Christian is a senior at UNC Wilmington

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