Climate Change

The University of North Carolina Asheville

The mountainous areas of Asheville is home to this university. Founded in 1947, this institution is widely known as a school of change. While it has less than 5,000 students, what they lack in population they make up in determination. The fight to get their school to divest from fossil fuels has been an active campaign for about 5 years now and the students are just as passionate as day one. Take a look to see what students have been taking the charge in making the planet sustainable for everyone.

James Smith

“I came into college looking for an outlet for climate action, and divestment to me represents tangible action that can be taken by students to not only help transition away from fossil fuels, but fund a clean energy future!  Through my work with divestment, I have met some incredible people, and felt truly inspired by the changes that can be made when students come together to fight for a cause they believe in.”

James is a senior at UNC Asheville.
Kelsey Hall
“Hey, my name is Kelsey! I am a sophomore Environmental Policy and Management major at UNC Asheville with minors in Economics and Mass Communication, and a certification in Geographic Information Systems. I am passionate about about big picture environmental issues, especially climate change. I became involved in the divestment campaign at UNCA in February 2018. To me, divestment is a really powerful and tangible way for universities and individuals to make a difference, shift power away from the fossil fuel industry, and align sustainability values and university investments. I’ve learned a lot about ESG/SRI investing, and I am seriously considering going into the field after graduation.”

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