Institutions of higher education provide an environment where learning, debate, and innovation are allowed to flourish. However, the values of educational institutions are conflicted as industries that threaten our climate are also subsidizing our education.

Efforts by universities to create sustainable initiatives and reduce greenhouse gas emissions fall short when those same institutions are tied to investments in fossil fuels. Fossil fuel divestment is the next step to solidify The University of North Carolina System as an institutional caretaker of our future.

The North Carolina Reinvestment Committee seeks to address The University of North Carolina System’s investment in fossil fuels, based on environmental and fiscal responsibility. We are made up of students and faculty from fourteen North Carolina universities, and we ask that the UNC System sets a finite time-frame to reinvest endowment funds currently invested in fossil fuels, and reinvest in environmentally and financially responsible alternatives.

The Goals of the North Carolina Reinvestment Coalition:


    • Full transparency of the UNC System’s Endowment.

    • Fiduciary responsibility of Universities by responding to current market trends and environmental obligations.

    • Divestment from direct holdings in fossil fuel companies within 1 year, and removal of investments from indirect holdings within 5 years.

    • Reinvestment in Environmental, Social, Government (ESG), low carbon, or fossil fuel free funds that provide environmental responsibility and competitive returns.